Adding Save As... To Edge Browser

I can't actually believe this but Edge doesn't let you save a page you have open in the browser to your computer. Not all that helpful for your standard HTML page but if you are trying to save a JavaScript or CSS file, Edge will open it in the browser then not let you save it. Which is just pants. So unless the website you are trying to download the js from has explicitly set the download option on the link to their js file, Edge will just make everything a massive pain in the ass.

Until the devs at Microsoft add the basicest of basic features, here's an aptly named extension, SaveAs For Edge, that adds Save As to the context menu. It is super simple, barely ten lines of code. You need to enable developer mode in order to side load, which you can do b going to about:flags in Edge.

I did originally plan to upload it to the Store, even made a developer account (for £14.40!), until I read that you have to manually submit your extensions for them to be included. It sounded arduous.

Quick update... I did actually spot that Edge contains a Save Target As... context menu item, so when you are opening a link you can save it instead. This is pretty neat to be fair, and means things aren't as dire out of the box as I'd first thought, but I've still found myself using Save As... instead. Old habits die hard I suppose.