Manage 301/302 redirects for Orchard content items

I had some problems earlier this year with Google complaining that there were a few links around the internet that pointed to non-existent URLs on my blog, blocking me from getting an AdSense account. So I threw together a tiny module that allows 301 and 302 redirects to be configured from a content items edit page.

The module is available on GitHub. Once it is enabled, there is a new part RedirectRoutes available to be attached to your content items that will add a new tab to the editor page called Redirects, where you can add a new alias that will redirect to the current route. If the AutoroutePart is attached, it will redirect to this URL. For each alias you can choose if it should be a 301 permanent redirect, or a 302 temporary redirect.

As always, report any bugs on GitHub and share if you found it useful. If you found it really useful, a small donation to help me keep things afloat is always appreciated.