Windows 8 Tablet Settings

This has been one of my few complaints with Windows 8, which unlike seemingly everyone else on the planet, I have quiet enjoyed. Windows 8 has this annoying habit of changing my Tablet settings, even though I am working on a desktop. You would think this wouldn't be an issue, except that any sort of drop down menu in programs will drop down the wrong way. It is weird and makes me sad inside. After hunting around a little bit on the internet I came across the solution.

Press ctrl + q (to access the search) and type "Tablet PC Settings". This should bring up a little window with two tabs. Select Other and change the "Handedness" (awesome name, right?) setting to left-handed and all should be good.

I have yet to work out the cause of the random changes I keep getting subjected to as it appears to be utterly random. I have reported the issue to Microsoft but they are probably inundated with Windows 8 related complaints that my voice is unlikely to be heard. Ah well